Public Films

Fundraising Videos

Fundraising and Capital Campaign videos are at the core of what Public Films does for other nonprofit organizations. Without funding, non-profits wouldn't be able to provide their services. Public Films captures each non-profit's story to create an emotional response to reach viewers and move them to support the cause.



Marketing Videos

Just like any successful buisness, nonprofit agencies also have to toot their own horn from time to time. Public Films produces promotional and marketing videos for nonprofits that communicate their successes and services.


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Educational Videos

Public Films produces educational films that not only educate, but inspire change and action. We know that film/video is a very powerful tool for education. The use of well produced videos has a lasting effect which helps in better understanding, remembering and utilizing concepts. We also produce explainer videos and instructional video clips.




How to change the world in 30 seconds or less: Public Films produces Addy award-winning PSA's for television. Public service announcements are a great tool for creating awareness to vast audiences, while generating visibility for nonprofit organizations. Most stations donate about a third of their commercial spots to non-commercial causes. 



Together we can make change.

We make videos that help organizations get their stories seen, heard, understood and remembered.  Public Films produces film that captures and communicates the essence of your cause and what you do.


Your cause is our cause.


We team up with nonprofits, foundations, government, and socially conscious companies committed to expanding the reach of their programs across a wide range of digital platforms. Public Films handles projects from concept to completion, turn-key.  We produce short to long videos from 30 second PSA's to 5-10 minute fundraising videos to longer educational films or documentary shorts.  From short promotional or capital campaign pieces to longer educational videos, Public Films has years of experience working with nonprofits, capturing their stories in various formats.